Inline Puck Hockey in Wales

Official Statement | January 19

Official Statement from the Bipha National Executive regarding World Skate nets:

The British Inline Puck Hockey Association is affiliated to World Skate and in order to come fully in line with the World Skate Rulebook, all Bipha Regions (Central, Scotland, South and Wales) will be receiving over the next few weeks, a pair of World Skate goals/ nets.

 We therefore inform all regions and registered clubs within those regions that upon receiving the new nets that all forthcoming league games are to be played with the new World Skate nets. This will be from a date to be confirmed across all regions as soon as they have all received their nets. 

Similarly, all National Events (National Finals, Superleague etc) will be played with the World Skate nets. We remind all members that adopting World Skate size nets is NOT a rule change for Bipha, we are just bringing ourselves inline with our own rule book and using the correct size nets for inline puck hockey in the UK. 

This is an exciting acquisition for Bipha and we look forward to seeing our Members and Clubs in all Bipha regions using the new nets and taking the sport forward. 

We are grateful for the financial assistance that has made this significant investment possible for our Association. 

Further information about the World Skate nets can be found in the World Skate Rulebook. World Skate nets remain property of the Bipha and its Regional Associations not the rinks where they are to be placed. 

Sarah Finney Bipha Chair